Feels Like Freedom


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released December 17, 2006

D. Campbell: bass guitar/vocals
R. Tucker: keyboard/vocals
M. Iafrate: guitars/vocals
D. Klug: drum kit/percussion

All songs: Campbell//Iafrate/Klug/Tucker
Recorded: Wheeling, WV by Klug/Campbell
Mixed: Klug/Campbell
Mastered: Klug (2011) www.facebook.com/davidklugstudio
Art and design: David Klug www.davidmklug.com

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COBRA West Virginia

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Track Name: ‘78
What do I see? It’s a naughty situation
How can it be? My body’s out to sea
What do I see? Just a lot of information
How can it be? Nobody’s mentioned me

It’s all in how you wear it
Feeling barren
All the imperfections

Just look at me
I’m out on the street
Got nothing to do
Got nothing to eat
Wringing my hands
Biding my time
Begging a carpet, babe
Itchin’ to ride
Itchin’ to die once more
Just like in ‘78
To die and be raised up high
Just like everyone great
You got to lay down, my friend
and be willing to sleep
Be willing to drive this far
and never compete
Track Name: Rainbow Drinks of the Divine Queen
Have you tried today's supply
A way through your insides
Hold me tight through the fist fight
Hit me all right
The fearsome smoking gun
It’s so awesome!
Have you tried today's supply
A way through your insides

Et tu, baby? The divine queen’s
rainbow drinks will mark the feast
Time will tell if we will eat
Wiser (whiskey) women work the streets
Track Name: Lazy Bones Hit The Mind
He don’t know the kind of things he needs to know
Head in tow and what we need is apropos
Heroes grow from red to green we see below
Then we show some laser beams then bring ‘em home

Lazy bones hit the mind
All we know: his and mine

Ample size - his little brain was his demise
A million tries, the kind of thing that kings despise
A bad surprise made him say his last goodbyes
We watched the skies; a happy kind of sacrifice

Too much information
Too much anxiety
Too much medication, baby, 
Low philosophy

Have you got the number?
Have you got the fee?
Tell me where in God’s green hell
lies all this sorcery

Formal education
What everybody sees
What everybody knows and loves
What everyone believes
Track Name: Wet Altars
Oh! Now we know
a dreadful possession cult
shown in rituals
with animals in dying throes

Cattle, crows
The meat is invested with happy ghosts
A taste of the godhead

Whoah! The godhead’s ghost
Whoah! There’s not a happier ghost

Follow me down to the river
The river doth flow to the sea
Follow me down to the river
Grab your bottle, follow me dear
Track Name: Kitchen’s Closed When The Rooster Crows
Kitchen’s closed when the rooster crows
Kitchen’s closed when the rooster crows

We go marching to the station
We go marching
We go marching through the desert
We go marching

Got to be strong
Got to be someone

When it’s hot, lay low
Got a big dream, it’s something to show yeah
Track Name: Eggiwegs (Rope and Rebirth)
The newborn knows the far off souls
and innermost groves
Such torment she underwent
at heaven’s descent
In a magic egg when ewes lactate,
secretions of snakes
We inculcate, it don’t translate
So pull your own weight

Back in my day was an ice age, honey
Making me want some ice cream sandwiches
Making me pine for woolier women
Where do we go? Where do we go?
Track Name: The Ulmer Scale
Hit ‘em high, hit ‘em low
The paper’s got me in a bright red glow
We don’t mind dust and smoke
Polish the rails that are leading us home
Fuel the flame, bellows blow
Fortunes of gold from an ancient cove
Hit ‘em high, hit ‘em low
The paper’s got me in a bright red glow

The hits come when I’m wagging my tongue
I’ll go as far as I can go
This life’s all that we’ve come to know
So bend the rules; nothing’s chipped in stone

I’m diggin’ the taste of the meat of my tongue
God only knows what I could become
I could be right or I could be wrong
God only knows what I could become
Track Name: To The Virgin Plains
Be safe, pretend we can start all over again
I may be slow but I know the way to be whole
We can make our abode along the sandy old stone
Good God, I’m sold; The sea’s a sight to behold

Swiftly through the great bend of the Nile
(Plot the mountains of the moon)
Olives and grapes seen for miles
(Cresting on the highland’s throne)

To the virgin plains (an excursion from the desert)
The calypso deep (is our solitary treasure)
Write and speak (of the journey of the kindred)
Our history (the godless and the sacred)

The earth is green far as the eye can see
The buds are ripe and they open up for me
Come, girl, sit here upon my knee
How’s that for sensuality?
Track Name: Feels Like Freedom
The chant is offered, a constant drone
A huge plantation where tobacco is grown
The smell of liquor and cheap cologne
Step into my office, we’re selling your soul

Uh huh, we’re coming down
Uh huh

If you run into to some trouble
consider this a secret call
Imagine a nation burning
Innocence will lead us all

The stones are itchin’ for a window’s throw
So heave another while the neighbors aren’t home
This strange behavior we cannot condone
Our sole possession is where the buffalo roam

Sever your dreams and send this whole
criminal nation up in smoke
Criminal workplace, criminal homes
Follow your dreams and send this whole
criminal nation up in smoke
Criminal workplace, criminal homes
Track Name: War Porn
I’m pouring me some gasoline
This headless scene is killing me

A healthy mind is explode
when the snake is exposed

Brains swell - did you learn the new drill?
Tied tight with twine - your cells sweat